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13 Year Old DJ Lil' Coop


5K's for both

Nonprofit & Corporate

Cooper brings his love for music to your 5K event every time. Nothing better than upbeat music to take your 5K to the next level. 



It’s your officiant’s job to bring you two together in matrimony, it’s our job to bring your families & friends together on the dance floor!


School Dances
& Proms

The performance of the DJ not only sets the tone, it simply makes or breaks the event. So why get caught with a so-so DJ, or worse? Book DJ Lil' Coop for your next school DANCE!


Golf Tournaments

Let DJ Lil' Coop bring the party to your next nonprofit or corporate golf tournament. He brings the jams, his own equipment and a fantastic attitude! 


DJ Lil' Coop is ready to DJ your next event. 

Cooper has all of his own equipment to bring down the house. Reach out to him using

the link below to secure your spot on his calendar. Nothing cooler than supporting a young entrepreneur. 

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