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DJ Lil Coop's Story

Cooper is a special kid that has had a tough go the last 10+ years. When Cooper was 3 years old he became very sick. He was taken into the hospital where the doctors took out his appendix. He was readmitted to the hospital the next day and spent 12.5 days before finding out he had Kawasaki Disease. Unfortunately, Cooper had missed the vital 10 day window to be diagnosed and treated for Kawasaki Disease. KD is the #1 acquired heart disease in young children 0-5 years of age. Cooper suffered a giant coronary aneurysm from the delayed treatment. He lives with that aneurysm and stage 4 kidney failure daily and will have a lifetime of kidney and heart issues.

Cooper has a love for music that speaks to him, plus a love for jerseys. Some people have a passion for shoes, but Cooper has a passion and love for his jerseys with a handful of super sweet MLS, NBA and NFL ones. He has trained with some of the best DJ's in the industry honing his skills. Cooper is also an advocate for the Kawasaki Kids Foundation. This nonprofit was started by his parents 10 years ago due to what Cooper went through. For more information about Kawasaki Disease, please visit Kawasaki Kids Foundation.

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